Thai massage or Thai yoga massage is a traditional therapy combining acupressure, Indian Ayurvedic principles, and assisted yoga postures. The idea of Shen-lines alias energy-lines was first used as “Thai yoga massage”. These are similar to nadis as per the philosophy.

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Thai Massage is used for relaxation, pain management, and improved mood

In Daoja Thai Massage London we are a Thai massage shop based in central London. We are fully insured, licensed and all of our Thai therapists are qualified and experienced. Our Thai Massage treatment rooms are luxuriously furnished and fully air conditioned. Daoja Thai Massage believe in doing something really well. Daohai Thai Massage London is dedicated to exclusively to massages.
Our Thai massage London offers different types of Thai massage: aromatherapy, traditional deep tissue massage, as well as treatments focused on the head, neck, shoulders or feet.

This Thai Massage uses techniques borrowed from “Nuad Thai”, which roughly translates to “Thai Yoga”. Thai massage focuses on specific pressure points and also includes gentle stretches. Thai Massage London offers you cotton massage pajamas. This process does not use oil.

Potential Benefits

    • Stress reducing
    • Anxiety reliever
    • Increased calmness and relaxation
    • Decrease in muscle tension
    • Pain relief
    • A reduction of symptoms of depression
    • Ease of pain from various conditions listed below:
      • Chronic lower back pain
      • Arthritis
      • Insomnia relief
      • Temporomandibular joint dysfunction
      • Peripheral neuropathy

Traditional Thai Massage

If you prefer relaxing treatment, we recommend a Thai Aromatherapy Massage or alternatively a Thai Combination Massage can combine massage modalities. Traditional Thai massage is an age-old technique with roots in yoga, Ayurvedic medicine, and Buddhist practice. This unique and comprehensive system of yoga therapy combines rhythmic massage, acupressure, gentle twisting, deep stretching, and meditation. Thai massage helps to release tension, increase vitality and create wholeness of body, mind and soul. A good Thai massage is deep, stimulating and invigorating, or a wonderful form of relaxation. Our Thai Massage London can be used in their hands, elbows, knees, and feet to apply proper pressure and gentle stretching positions.

Our Thai Massage London is one of the first to combine traditional Thai massage with Turkish and Roman influences. Fittingly, it’s housed in a historic building that once also housed a Turkish bath. Decorated with a respectful nod to his influences, it creates an unexpected symbiotic cohesion. Expect natural materials and soft, warm light reflecting off the mirrored surfaces, and it’s sure to take your stress levels down a notch or two!

Thai Massage Process

Daojai Thai massage London is a healing art with a significant therapeutic effect, which is different from many traditional massages. During a Thai massage, you lie down on a mat rather than a massage table, and the Thai Massage Therapist manipulates your body in a specific way to improve the flow of energy through your body and relax your organs.

Thai massage is an integral part of traditional Thai medicine. It is very similar to yoga and traditional Chinese medicine. This is based on the idea of ​​energy lines called sen.

Before we set out to explore the best Thai massage London, let’s take a closer look at some relevant information. If you carefully read the information in this article, it will not be difficult for you to find the best Thai massage London that suit your idealism.

In Thai Massage this practice is called Nuad Bo-Rarn. The first part of the term (Nuad) means massage and the second part (Borarn) refers to something ancient. Literally, the Thai name means traditional or ancient massage.

Thai Massage London

A Brief History of Thai Massage

We do not have much information about the origins and history of Thai massage, especially since many of the evidence has been lost or destroyed. There is an assumption that the teachings and practices of Thai massage have been passed down from mouth to mouth for centuries.

Many historians believe that Thai massage originated about 2500 years ago. Thai Massage unanimously regards an ancient Indian physician named Komarpai, also known as Jivaka Buchcha Komar, as the father of massage technology.

Komarpai was a friend, follower, and personal physician of the Buddha. He invented and helped spread this technique from Thailand to other regions of South Asia. Through numerous foreign influences, this technique has developed into a holistic health tradition that includes yoga, Ayurveda, and traditional Chinese medicine.

Thai Massage
Difference between Thai Massage and Other Massage

In most types of massage, the practitioner uses the hands or other objects to relax the muscles. The client lies on the massage table, doing nothing, and everything must be done by the master. But in Thai massage, the client must actively participate in the process. They need to lie down on a mat and actively engage in various yoga-like movements with the help of a practitioner.

You do not have to undress for a Thai massage. Other types of massage require you to remove all or most of your clothing to receive a massage. However, it is recommended that you wear loose clothing so that you can perform the various movements required for Thai massage. The practitioner will work on the sen and energy lines to ensure the correct flow of energy along the sen.

Thai massage professional engage you in a full range of movements, including stretching, pulling, and rocking. They also work on the joints and muscles to release tension and relieve stress from the body and mind.

There are several potential benefits of Thai massage. Some of the key benefits of Thai massage are listed below:

Helps relieve back pain.
Reduces the severity of headaches
Relieve the stress
Helps prevent a variety of strokes.
Ensures better sleep
Relax your body and mind
Improves digestion
Makes you a conscious individual

Like any massage practice, Thai massage is not without its risks. Your heart rate may increase during a massage. If you have a heart condition such as tachycardia, you should talk to your doctor before having the procedure.

Cancer patients should avoid Thai massage at all costs, as it can spread to other areas of the body.

People with viral illnesses such as fevers, colds, and flu should also avoid Thai massage, as it can spread illness.

Our Thai massages are individually tailored to each customer. Tell us what you need and our talented masseurs will enchant your tired muscles with Thai massage techniques, deep tissue massage, Swedish relaxation massage or special Thai oil massage techniques. Daojai Thai Therapy has used a range of organic essential oils including our unscented grapeseed oil which is perfect for clients who prefer an unscented oil or have a nut allergy.

Thai Massage London

Thai Massage London

Thai Massage London